Welcome to the Veterans Rental Assistance Program (VRAP)

Funds were made available as an initiative by Governor Tony Evers.

Unfortunately, with the overwhelming demand for much needed Veterans rental assistance by those who have completed and qualified for VRAP, funds are now exhausted.


VRAP is now closed.


If you have not yet applied for this years Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program for a hand up with your energy cost, please contact Energy Services at 800-506-5596 or apply online at heat.help


For other resources available in your county, please refer to https://energyandhousing.wi.gov


Supported in part by:

Energy Services Inc. • Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund • Heat And Housing For Heroes • PO Box 68 Madison, WI 53701-0068 • support@vrapwi.com • 833-WIS-VRAP (833-947-8727)



833-WIS-VRAP (833-947-8727)